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                 Moderator at 8:03pm ET
                 Welcome to's live chat with Tony
                 Asher. Tony, thanks for joining us today.

                 Tony Asher at 8:04pm ET
                 I am glad to be hear and waiting to hear the questions you
                 have to ask.

                 Moderator at 8:05pm ET
                 Let's begin with this one ...

                 Wayne S. from at 8:05pm ET
                 This is an interesting discussion. Well Tony, did you come
                 up with the words first or add words to Brians music or
                 both. Also, were you able to be at the recording sessions
                 and assist in the Beach Boys production? Also, did you
                 work with Van Dykes Parks at all?

                 Tony Asher at 8:06pm ET
                 Well the answer to the first part of the question is that I
                 either wrote lyrics to music that Brian gave me, or we
                 wrote the songs together. I did participate in production of
                 some of the tracks, the background tracks, but I was not
                 in most of the vocal recording sessions, I was in a few of
                 them, but I actually played instruments on a few of the

                 Tony Asher at 8:07pm ET
                 Yes, in fact Van Dyke and I just exchanged email
                 messages a few days ago. We didn't write any songs
                 together, but we were friendly with each other starting
                 back in 1967.

                 Bobby at 8:07pm ET
                 Was collaborating with Brian difficult given his emotional
                 state was subject to intense mood changes?

                 Tony Asher at 8:08pm ET
                 The answer is that most of that kind of instability occured
                 after he and I finished the Pet Sounds album. It wasn't an

                 John B from at 8:08pm ET
                 How was it to work with Brian again a few years back?
                 Was it the same as before, and had you been in touch
                 with him at all during all the in between years?

                 Tony Asher at 8:09pm ET
                 I was in touch with Brian off and on, a few times, but
                 during most of that period he was really not emotionally
                 available. However, when I worked with him two or three
                 years ago, it was almost like the old days. He really is
                 doing very well now.

                 David Savage at 8:09pm ET
                 Hi Tony. Do you believe Brian Wilson still has it in him to
                 produce another "great" album?

                 Tony Asher at 8:09pm ET
                 Simply, yes, absolutely. I think he's in a really good place
                 now as a result of the tour that he has just been on.

                 Bill T at 8:10pm ET
                 My favorite song on the album is "Sloop John B". What is
                 the song about?
                 And who wrote the music ? Brian or you?
                 did it take a long time to write? What was the inspiration
                 for the song?

                 Tony Asher at 8:10pm ET
                 Bad news for Bill, I didn't write that song. It's a traditional
                 folk song. I don't think anyone knows who wrote the
                 song, it's that old.

                 rico from at 8:10pm ET
                 hi tony, can you describe the resistance other members of
                 the beach boys had to the music of "pet sounds".

                 Tony Asher at 8:11pm ET
                 In a word, monumental! Actually, they wanted to continue
                 to put out the same kind of things they were well known
                 for, and Brian and I really took the music in a different
                 direction. I can't say that I blame them. As it turns out,
                 they might have been right because the album was not a
                 huge success when it first came out.

                 Bjorn from at 8:11pm ET
                 What's your favorite song on Pet Sounds, and why?

                 Tony Asher at 8:13pm ET
                 I guess probably "God Only Knows." Because it's been
                 recorded by a lot of other people, and that has been very
                 gratifying. And also because I really like the lyrics,
                 because it starts in an unusual way for a love song. The
                 opening lyric is, "I may not always love you," which is sort
                 of an off-the-wall way to start a love song.

                 Moderator at 8:13pm ET
                 Ziggy asks: Do you ever feel like you've never got enough
                 credit outside of the industry for your contribution to 'Pet

                 Tony Asher at 8:14pm ET
                 Not really. I've just always been grateful for the
                 opportunity to work with Brian, and I can't say that I have
                 any regrets about it.

                 Pamela from at 8:14pm ET
                 What happened to Landy?

                 Tony Asher at 8:15pm ET
                 I know essentially nothing about Landy. He was involved
                 with Brian after Brian and I finished the album, and all I
                 know about Landy is what I've read.

                 G. Turkington from at 8:15pm ET
                 Which cover versions of PET SOUNDS material have
                 you found to be particularly compelling, if any?

                 Tony Asher at 8:16pm ET
                 That's a good question. I guess I'd probably say David
                 Bowie's cover of "God Only Knows."

                 Moderator at 8:16pm ET
                 Ken writes: I've read about so many people who no
                 longer get a penny for the songs they wrote, even though
                 they still sell. Is this true in your case?

                 Tony Asher at 8:17pm ET
                 That's interesting. I think a lot of that is maybe largely a
                 myth because of the copyright laws are very clear, and if
                 you're a member of either BMI or ASCAP, those
                 organizations see to it that you get the royalties due to
                 you, so I continue to get compensated.

                 Rob C. from at 8:18pm ET
                 I was curious about your opinion about Brian's work in
                 recent years. Specifically, he has always relied on strong
                 collaborators, such as yourself. But it seemed as though
                 he was always the driver. On his most recent releases, it
                 seems he is much more reliant on those he works with,
                 and the final product is much more generic because of it.
                 What - or who- does Brian need to bring out the best in

                 Tony Asher at 8:19pm ET
                 First of all I agree with that assessment, and what Brian
                 needs to bring out the best of him is a producer who will
                 let Brian do what he does. So far, he hasn't found that. He
                 has a lot less self-confidence than he used to, but that
                 maybe changing because he was so well received in this
                 latest tour that he's been on, and I'm hoping that that will
                 change things.

                 jason T from at 8:20pm ET
                 dear tony, is there any chance that a record company will
                 release the songs that you and brian made in 1994? are
                 you looking for a record deal?

                 Tony Asher at 8:22pm ET
                 We're not looking for a record deal - I'm not, Brian may
                 be - but I should say one of the songs Brian and I wrote in
                 1994 was called "Everything I Need," and it was released
                 on an album made by Brian's daughters that was called,
                 the group was called The Wilsons, and was two-thirds of
                 the group formally knows as Wilson Phillips. Another
                 song that Brian and I wrote in 1994 is called "This Isn't
                 Love," and will be featured in an upcoming prequel of the
                 original Flinstones movie, if you can believe that! And that
                 movie should be out in May.

                 Moderator at 8:22pm ET
                 Rob writes: Brian has spoken often about how he felt the
                 Beach Boys were in creative competition with the Beatles.
                 Did you have similar feelings? What other artists inspired
                 you at the time of Pet Sounds?

                 Tony Asher at 8:24pm ET
                 Well, at the time of Pet Sounds I was definitely most
                 influenced by The Beatles - there's really no question
                 about that. And as for the influence they had on the writing
                 of Pet Sounds, I can simply say that when Brian and I first
                 got together to write, he played the Rubber Soul album,
                 and said "I wanna do something that is better than this
                 album," which was an incredible challenge, but that's what
                 we set out to do. And then the story goes that The Beatles
                 Sargeant Pepper album was in response to Pet Sounds,
                 so I think it's fair to say there was some friendly
                 competition going on.

                 Jeff (in England) from at 8:24pm ET
                 Hi Tony, What did Mike Love think of your lyrics, were
                 they surfy enough for him

                 Tony Asher at 8:25pm ET
                 Well, he wasn't crazy about them, and I can only guess
                 that one of the problems was that they weren't surfy
                 enough for him. Another problem might have been that he
                 didn't write them, although he managed to get his name on
                 one of the songs as co-writer.

                 Brad Elliott from at 8:26pm ET
                 Were there any other songs, besides "Everything I Need"
                 and "This Isn't Love," that you and Brian worked on in

                 Tony Asher at 8:26pm ET
                 Yes. There were probably four or five. And as far as I
                 know they are still just in the demo stage.

                 Darrell in Seattle from
        at 8:26pm ET
                 Tony, what do you know about the song, "Soul
                 Searchin'"? It's got a beautiful Carl vocal - did you write

                 Tony Asher at 8:26pm ET
                 Nope, I didn't write it, but I love it. I really do like it.

                 G. Turkington from at 8:27pm ET
                 Have you heard the Sony Japan release, SMILING
                 PETS, in which a variety of international artists cover
                 tracks from PET SOUNDS and SMILE? And what did
                 you think of Brian's SMILE material?

                 Tony Asher at 8:27pm ET
                 No. I didn't even know it existed. I'd love to hear it, but I
                 can't comment on it. I thought Smiles was uneven, but
                 there were moments of brilliance.

                 Jeromy Hernandez at 8:28pm ET
                 First off, let me thank you, and Brian for giving everyone
                 the gift of Pet Sounds... As for a question, "Is there a
                 chance that you and Brian will ever write together again?"

                 Tony Asher at 8:28pm ET
                 Yeah, I think we will continue to write. We talk to each
                 other often, and we'll probably write some more songs in
                 the next few months.

                 Moderator at 8:29pm ET
                 Thanks for your time this evening, Tony. Any final

                 Tony Asher at 8:29pm ET
                 I'm currently putting together a collection of songs that I've
                 written where I've done both lyrics and music, and I'm
                 hoping to produce those and perhaps release them in the
                 next year or so. I want to thank you guys at the chat - it
                 was fun!

                Thank you and goodnight!