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Date: Sunday 20th December 1998

 Time: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. (but expected to extend long into the evening)

 Venue: West One Four, 3 North End Crescent, London W14

 The featured live acts include Tony Rivers, Sean Macreavy, Chris White, members of Gidea Park, The Landys, The McWilsons
 and a host of others. The live performances will concentrate on songs associated with Carl but will also include many Beach Boys
 favourites.  A preview of the set-list has been seen and  promises to include CW and BB songs that have almost certainly
 never previously been performed live.

 The organisers are also expecting to be able to show a rather special and exclusive video which is being sent from the USA.

 This is a marvellous opportunity to pay tribute to Carl, to celebrate his life and music and to make a contribution to cancer
 charities. There is a door charge of £10.

 It is possible that the event will be recorded for subsequent release on CD and video.

 If anyone would like any further details contact Francis Greene