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Bruce Johnston AOL Chat-  November 23, 1998

AOLiveMC8: Let's start with this audience question:
Question: Hello Bruce, it's been more than 20 years since your last solo
album, is
Question: there a chance you might be doing another soon?
BJhnston: If there's enough money.
Question: You did a good job with the TV, VH1 special on Symphonic sounds;
Question: of the Beach Boys
BJhnston: The producer of the VH1 special did a great job, and the producer
BJhnston: of the Symphonic sounds did a great job!
Question: What does "home for the holidays" mean for you this year?
BJhnston: To recouperate singing and surfing in Australia for three weeks and
on to
BJhnston: Caesers for 3 days over newyears.
Question: You have been associated with the music world for so long, are
there any
Question: new and upcoming groups that especially impress you?
BJhnston: Finally a good question!
BJhnston: Andy Bargas 20 year old bi-lingeral Myria Carey stardom within over
the next few years
Question: Do you have any concerts planned for the near future?
BJhnston: Probably at least 12 more
BJhnston: and 100 for 1999.
Question: Hi, I am a great fan of yours.  I am wondering what you favorite
song is
Question: that you played
BJhnston: God Only Knows
Question: Have the Beach Boys split up?
BJhnston: That's Little Surfer Girl. Brian Wilson wrote it.
BJhnston: Until the next show.
Question: what is a little duce coop
BJhnston: It's a hot rod that people coveted in the 1950's.
BJhnston: As long as there's surf, I don't miss anything.
Question: Mr. Johnston:  Do you foresee performing your symphonic creation
Question: onstage with an orchestra like the New York City Philharmonic?
BJhnston: I'm buying better clothes,
BJhnston: so I guess its going to happen.
Question: Bruce, I recently picked up your early solo CD "Surfin' Round the
Question: and was amazed how much the album rocks--much more than BB's
material of
Question: similar vintage.  Can you tell us a little bit about recording that
BJhnston: I hate it, I did it for the money.
BJhnston: but it was a good training ground.
Question: After you left the Beach Boys after the Surf's Up album in 1971,
why did
Question: you rejoin the group in 1979?
BJhnston: Brian asked me to and while I was out of the band.
BJhnston: I was still recording on the ablums, so it was 1972 to 1978.
Question: The UK version of the Beach Boys' "Summer in Paradise" sounds
Question: different than the US version.  One song, "Island Fever" is
practically a
Question: different song.  How did that happen?
BJhnston: The Rolling Stones sang the vocal.
Question: How long were you with the Beach Boys?
BJhnston: It seems like 3 minutes.
Question: Will you participate in the BB's Friends and Family tour?
BJhnston: No room on the stage.
Question: Being that this project has culminated after 30+ years, what idea
Question: festering now that will surface in 30 years and blow us away?
BJhnston: Reincarnation.
Question: Was it strange touring without Brian Wilson during the recording of
Question: SOUNDS?  What contributions did you make?
BJhnston: I'll be on any stage anytime with Brian Wilson
BJhnston: on any planet and hopefully my voice
BJhnston: and support on that album are the contributions.
Question: Did you see the Beach Boys Family & Friends performance this
morning on
Question: Regis & Kathie Lee? And if so what did you think?
BJhnston: Yes, and I thought that it was very generous of Alan to give next
Generation of talent
BJhnston: fine national exposure.
Question: How did vintage Beach Boy David Marks happen to rejoin the band
Question:   You did a gig with Blondie Chaplin, too.  Any chance he'll play
with the band
Question: again?
BJhnston: To support Carl during his illiness.
BJhnston: To keep alive Carls unique style of playing guitar.
Question: What was your favorite song to record & what other performers have
Question: personally assisted on their albums?
BJhnston: "God Only KNows"
BJhnston: Elton John and Pink Floyd among others.
Question: It seems like you have achieved many goals. What would you like to
do in
Question: the future?
BJhnston: Get back to my song writing.
Question: What is your favorite beach and
how does it inspire your music?
BJhnston: Rimcon Beach
BJhnston: and it always renews my energy.
Question: It's a pleasure to ask you this question: What would you say is
Question: where was the best performance that the Beach Boys ever had?
BJhnston: In Amsterdam after an audience made it
BJhnston: seven hours, because of weather delays
BJhnston: in 1972.
Question: What was it llike working with Pink Floyd on "The Wall"
BJhnston: Like working with the cast of Happy Days though unexpectly normal.
Question: What are you doing now that the Beach Boys are no longer a group??
BJhnston: Getting ready to finish this years touring and rehearse for the
Question: are you excited about the concert at Universal Studios Florida on
Question: and is it a full concert or just a song or two thing?
BJhnston: Excited to get to warm weather and perform 30 songs.
Question: have the Beach Boys worked with John Stamos on any other projects
Question: lately?
BJhnston: Yes, his wedding.
Question: hi bruce i love the song disney girls, did you write that?
BJhnston: Yes, I wrote Disney Girls and a new recording by staying on
Symphonic Sounds with
BJhnston: the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
BJhnston: is light years ahead of my "Surfs Up" recording.
Question: Bruce, you've been involved in music for a long time, do you have
Question: interest in acting?
BJhnston: Never!
Question: Any change of your album Going Public ever being rereased on CD
BJhnston: I'd like to call the alblum Going Private and never hearing it
Question: I'd like to know anything you'd care to share about working with
Question: Revere and the Raiders when they were starting out........
BJhnston: They made me laugh so much.
BJhnston: Always hard for me to get serious.
AOLiveMC8: We have time for one final question tonight!
Question: what advice do you give to people that want to sing in the future?
BJhnston: Don't drink, no drugs, and keep trying to get better.
Question: Is it true the Beach Boys have the largest number of songs in the
can ?
Question: Can we expect that many of these unreleased songs will appear on
new cd's ?
BJhnston: The un released tracks are not up to releaseable standards thats
BJhnston: why there are still in the can.
BJhnston: Like outdated movies.
Question: Is a Beach Boys theme park still being planned?
BJhnston: I hope not
Question: What insprired your music and who out there now would you consider
Question: next Brian Wilson?
BJhnston: God inspired my music and Beck is the next Brian Wilson.
Question: Bruce, how do you handle all the Beach Boys groupies???
BJhnston: I can run faster then them because I don't use a walker.
Question: Bruce....In my humble opinion "Slow Summer Dancin" was the best
song off
Question: "Summer In Paradise".....did you ever perform it live?
Question: I felt that The Sunflower album was the best work the Beach Boys
Question: Why do you think it wasn't better recieved by the public?
BJhnston: Humble answer, I agree but we never sang it in concert.
Question: What's your opinion on music censorship?
BJhnston: I hate censorship but as parent I will handle it
BJhnston: at my house.
OnlineHost: Thank you for being here tonight and taking our questions!
BJhnston: Support the Beach Boys and support AOL.
OnlineHost: Thank you audience for participating!