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                <applet archive="" codebase=""
                code="ConferenceRoom.class" width="500" height="350" name="QuickChat">
                <param name="cabbase" value="">
                <param name="channel" value="#Brian Wilson/Beach Boys">
                <param name="simple" value="true">
                <param name="bg" value="FFFFFF">
                <param name="fg" value="0000FF">
                <param name="font" value="helvetica">
                <param name="size" value="12">
                <param name="tickershadow" value="false">
                <param name="ticker" value="Welcome to QuickChat by Planet Z Networks - ">
                <param name="ticker2" value="Add a chat like this on your page by clicking on the QuickChat Now button
                <param name="colorpanel" value="true">
                <param name="roomsWidth" value="0">
                <param name="nick" value=" ">
                <param name="user" value="quickchat">
                <param name="port" value="7000">
                <param name="info" value="Planet Z QuickChat">
                <param name="showticker" value="true">
                <br><a href=""> <img src="" border="0"
                alt="Get QuickChat Now!"></a> </center>