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Brian at the Grammys

Thanks to Jarle for the pix
Full text of Brian's chat at the Grammys 2/22/99


<GRAMMYLive> Brian Wilson is an American Legend of Rock and Roll
<GRAMMYLive> Over the past 30 years artists such as REM, Paul McCartney,
<GRAMMYLive> Neil Young, and Elton John have credited Brian as being
<GRAMMYLive> A trendsetting inspiration..
<GRAMMYLive> As a member of the Beach Boys and as a solo artist, Brian
<GRAMMYLive> Has amassed a stunning body of work. His artistic legacy cannot
<GRAMMYLive> Be denied. Welcome, please, Brian Wilson!!.
<AskGrammys> guest-columnated says: Brian Wilson....just love your work with family
members. Will you do it again with Carnie, Wendy, or Mike Love?
<Brian_Wilson> I might travel on the road with Mike and the Beach Boys next year some
<Brian_Wilson> And I'm looking forward to producing an album by my girls in June or July
of this year.
<AskGrammys> guest-rufus says: Brian Wilson: You are a VERY inspirational survivor of
so much. Congratulations, it really is dramatic!  What is your secret?
<Brian_Wilson> (faster)
<Brian_Wilson> My secret is I get up a little earlier than I use dto.
<Brian_Wilson> I choose to fight back.
<Brian_Wilson> I face life half-way
<Brian_Wilson> rather than let life put me on my butt.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-rufus says: Brian Wilson: Imagination is great! Will you work with
Joe on the next record? Good luck with your nomination.
<Brian_Wilson> THank you very much.
<Brian_Wilson> We're not sure if we're going to do another album or not.
<Brian_Wilson> But we're part of the Grammys.
<Brian_Wilson> I would however be so HONORED if we win with PetSounds.>I think I'd
start laughing.
<Brian_Wilson> I so hope we win!!!
<Brian_Wilson> *&
<AskGrammys> guest-kahuna says: BRIAN WILSON : Are you touring this year - where are
you headed?
<Brian_Wilson> This year, so far we have 4 shows
<Brian_Wilson> Ann Arbor, Milwaukee, Detroit and Chicago...just 4 days.
<Brian_Wilson> We're trying to see how it feels.
<Brian_Wilson> If it feels right we'll go in that direction.
<Brian_Wilson> If it doesn't we aren't going to do it.
<Brian_Wilson> In Mid March we'll start.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> possum says: When did you start playing and what got you into music in
the beginning?
<Brian_Wilson> My mom and dad turned me on.
<Brian_Wilson> My dad played piano
<Brian_Wilson> my mom played organ.
<Brian_Wilson> They would have me play with them, I would sing with them.
<Brian_Wilson> I learned later on to play piano.
<Brian_Wilson> I'm self taught.
<Brian_Wilson> Sorry, but I need to make this the last question...
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> thecrowxox says: have you ever thought of doing any other type of music?
soft rock anything from the norm?
<Brian_Wilson> I'd like to make some mellow rock ballad..with nice rock sound
<Brian_Wilson> and a pretty melody.
<Brian_Wilson> I'd like to do that some time.
<Brian_Wilson> They will be rescheduled...check in about a month...listen to the radio.
<Brian_Wilson> you should hear!
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-rob says: Hi Brian, I really admire and am amazed by your all your vocals,
and you are my favorite songwriter.  Do you have any advice on singing harmony or increasing your
<Brian_Wilson> I increase my range through use of a vocal teacher.
<Brian_Wilson> My advice would be go to a voice coach once a week
<Brian_Wilson> It will strengthen your throat, your vocal chords.
<Brian_Wilson> Everybody sings, we're all going to sing
<Brian_Wilson> we can all do this,
<Brian_Wilson> everyone train!
<Brian_Wilson> No one is the best, we're all equal!
<Brian_Wilson> *

<AskGrammys> kyms1 says: Brian Wilson What was the inspration for Pet Sounds?
<Brian_Wilson> The inspriation was my brother Carl and I wanted to bring
<Brian_Wilson> people an album that would bring them unconditional love.
<Brian_Wilson> So they wouldn't have to worry about where love was going to come from.
<Brian_Wilson> That's what we wanted to do.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-claym says: Are you planning on putting out a live album from your tour?
<Brian_Wilson> We might do that!
<Brian_Wilson> We don't know tho,
<Brian_Wilson> if it's fashionable we'll try it
<Brian_Wilson> If it's square we're not there.
<Brian_Wilson> Traditionally tho, live albums don't sell all that well.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> doggpound2 says: Brian Wilson: are we going to see a Reunion of the Beach
Boys? if so how soon???
<Brian_Wilson> Well, there could be a reunion right now.
<Brian_Wilson> It's concievable that you could call this a reunion right now.
<Brian_Wilson> I think a resurgence could happen this summer.
<Brian_Wilson> I'm just guessin'
<Brian_Wilson> don't quote me on that! LOL
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-eran says: Are you planning to release the tracks you did with Andy Paley,
and will you work with him again?
<Brian_Wilson> We're absurdly positive people!
<Brian_Wilson> Mike Love is a succes machine
<Brian_Wilson> He was made that way when he was born and
<Brian_Wilson> he'll be that way when he dies!
<Brian_Wilson> Well, it's going to take a while to do that.
<Brian_Wilson> I have to rest up my throat before I can put that much into it.
<Brian_Wilson> I think his music and mine is very "happin'"
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> sunnygrlfriend says: What is you favorite song off the Imagination album?
<Brian_Wilson> Mine?
<Brian_Wilson> Oh, Happy and far!
<Brian_Wilson> [sings *** Happy Days are here again....***]
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-textus says: Would you like to hear someone perform Pet Sounds as a
whole in concert?
<Brian_Wilson> We're going to do about eight songs off the Pet Sounds album
<Brian_Wilson> most of them old Beach Boys songs
<Brian_Wilson> like Sloop John B, In My room and all that stuff.
<Brian_Wilson> We're all reason to worry about someone
<Brian_Wilson> out doing you.
<Brian_Wilson> Don't worry about the next guy.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-textus says: Can you talk about specific ways in which listening to the
radio influenced your own writing? I was wondering about maybe "Earth Angel" and "Surfer Girl" or any
of a number of songs and "Wouldn't It Be Nice."
<Brian_Wilson> No it does not.
<Brian_Wilson> My incentive to write is my own feelings.
<Brian_Wilson> How I see the world through my own eyes.
<Brian_Wilson> That's how I write.
<Brian_Wilson> If I were blind, I think I would see more than other people.
<Brian_Wilson> I'm also deaf in my right ear.
<Brian_Wilson> One day I'm gonna hear out of that ear.
<Brian_Wilson> I swear to God I am
<Brian_Wilson> It's a real sore spot with me.
<Brian_Wilson> *

<AskGrammys> guest-parksasher says: Brian, will you be performing any unreleased songs
while on tour?
<Brian_Wilson> No we won't do any unreleased songs.
<Brian_Wilson> no no no!!
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> shawksie says: BrianW . . How do you feel about the BNLadie's song about you?
Do you feel immortalised??
<Brian_Wilson> Yeah! I feel pumped up!
<Brian_Wilson> Really pumped up.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<Brian_Wilson> It's probably the biggest pump up I can imagine!
<AskGrammys> guest-johnb says: You mentioend earlier that you may not do another album.
Please don't let 10 more years go by before the next one
<Brian_Wilson> We wont...we'll let only maybe a year or so.
<Brian_Wilson> A year from now, we'll try and get to the next one.
<Brian_Wilson> *
<AskGrammys> guest-textus says: Did "What the World Needs Now" inspire you?
<Brian_Wilson> Very much so.
<Brian_Wilson> I listened to that very carefully and it really matters me.
<Brian_Wilson> I was born. I do what I was born to do.
<Brian_Wilson> To bring love to people.
<Brian_Wilson> People listen to Pet Sounds and hear the love we give to them.
<Brian_Wilson> It's all relative, the purpose of being here is to love.
<Brian_Wilson> We all have forms of greatness. and we don't have to compare.
<Brian_Wilson> All right I"m outta here!
<Brian_Wilson> THanks folks!
<Brian_Wilson> I have to leave for good now, really!
<Brian_Wilson> See you on Wednesday night!
<DoriCCC> bye Brian