The latest issue of Open Sky, the seventh, is now printed and
ready to ship. It includes an amazing interview with Peter Reum, in which he analyzes Smile in an incredibly detailed and spiritually sensitive way. He also deals in great depth with Brian's humor, his love of Rhapsody In Blue, and his giftedness, as well as other areas. This is a great interview
and comprises more than half of this issue.

Also included is an interview with Margo Guryan, whose 1968 pop classic LP Take A Picture is being
rediscovered for the great music that most of us missed when it came out. Margo's early writing was jazz influenced, until she heard "God Only Knows" and began writing in the pop idiom. You can get the CD at
FranklinCastle.com. An essay by Bill Tobelman, (proprietor of the Zen Interpretation of Brian Wilson's and Van Dyke Parks' Smile website) is included, in which Bill suggests that a profound religious experience influenced the writing of Smile.

And to keep the ship floating properly, we've also reprinted Jon Hunt's
great essay on why he loves Brian's new record - Gettin' In Over My Head. Jon helps run the Smile Shop in his spare time. The issue features the artwork of Chloe Cumming and a new drawing by Frank Holmes. There is also an announcement of the next Open Sky, which will be a DVD. Check out the new issue
for details.

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